In Conjunction With Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Brain Interrupted has been created in conjunction with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Brain Injury Research Center, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York.

Mount Sinai Department of Rehabilitation Medicine is actively engaged in creating greater understanding and awareness of the signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injury. Please visit for a complete description of their work in progress.

Through generosity of time, talent and energy by the staff of the Mount Sinai Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, particularly that of Wayne A. Gordon, Ph.D., Director, and Margaret Brown, Ph.D., the Brain Interrupted website has been created, as well as a video relating the experiences of my son John's traumatic brain injury, which remained undiagnosed for sixteen years.

Also, with the help of Dr. Gordon and the Mount Sinai Development Office, the John Blair Haldeman Endowment Fund for Traumatic Brain Injury has been created, for the purpose of facilitating assessment and treatment for persons with a traumatic brain injury.

My gratitude to Dr. Gordon, Dr. Brown and the staff of Mount Sinai is immeasurable. For the first time since John's injury and eventual diagnosis, I have found at Mount Sinai true understanding of the processes and implications of traumatic brain injury, coupled with sincere empathy, compassion and kindness.